How to allow contributors and editors (non-admins) to access Navigation section

We need to be able to allow contributors and editors who are not admins to add sections and pages through the navigation module only. We do not want these users to have admin rights nor access the design module. 

Does anyone know how to be able to accommodate this? 

Sounds like you want users (from Department A) to add/remove/modify their Department A navigation, rather than bothering Department B, Department C, etc. 

Am I correct?

In a nutshell yes. We also do not want them to be able to see the design section or workflows. 

Yes, that makes sense. I agreed. +1


At this time only users with the Admin or Designer role can access the Navigation section of CM1.  This sounds like a great feature, and we would like to change this post to an Idea for other users to comment on as a request for future releases.


I support this feature. This was a major roadblock for us during a recent project. 

I guess everyone is different on their approach for this. I would not want anyone accessing this core piece, but I would like to see the Designer not given so many rights and only be able to edit their Theme if I allow it. 

Keith, Thanks for marking it as an idea. We’ve found that our users are needing to create pages and are doing so but that creates orphaned pages outside of the navigation (thus no breadcrumbs etc.). Its a stumbling block for us.

Like most things, this should be part of a robust RBAC which Percussion is missing.