How to migrate percussion 7.content into CM1

Hi we have just purchased CM1 , we would like to migrate data from old version of percussion into CM1.

Question is there any other way to get content form existing percussion without using import? via URL. We would much prefer a database migration and just change our templates to configure against existing content types ?

Hope this makes sense


CM System and CM1 diverged several years and have different data models at this point. There is no database migration capability as a result. Also, the concept of content types diverged so there would not be an ability to directly migrate those. We do have APIs coming in our next release of CM1 that are designed to help import content, and I know you will be discussing content migration strategies as part of your coaching program. As more information and examples for the APIs becomes available, I will share them with you.

Hi Dan
Has the API been done yet or is it still in development.

In 4.3, we released APIs for creating folders and creating pages. We are currently working on an API to create Assets. That will be released in our 4.5 release in December.