How to put asset images in my HTML code

Trying to import some HTML from an old website to the new one I am building in CM1. The HTML copied over to an HTML widget perfectly, but the pictures are missing from the old site. If I save the missing pictures as Image Assets, can I place these images back into the HTML on the new site? I know they can be entered as rich text or images, but I need them as part of the HTML object

You can add a reference to an asset from within your HTML by using the path in the address bar of the Finder. If you navigate to the asset in CM1 and select it, the address bar will list the path similar to “/Asset/folder/folder2/image.jpg”

You can copy that path and paste it in the HTML to reference the item. Be aware, though, because HTML in an HTML asset or widget is not managed. If you move the image in the asset library of CM1, the path will need to be manually updated wherever it was used.

If it’s a block of HTML that can be pasted in the rich text widget/asset using the HTML Source view, it would be better to do it that way. All links to CM1 assets in the rich text editor are managed and updated if an asset ever moves.

that’s good to know about that option. So the URL will work in both preview and publish if you use the cm1 URL vs hard coding it?

Yes, URLs for assets copied out of the Finder as in Daved’s example above will link up fine in both published (as long as the asset is live) and previewed pages.