How to use Percussion's Navigation widget's code into Custom Widget?

Do you guys provide a code of Percussion’s Navigation widget? I’d like to use it for Custom Widget (that have Navigation properties such as Max # of levels to be shown, Set the primary node for your navigation, etc.)

Thank you.

Hi Aaron - I will follow up and get back to you . Thank You

Any progress on this?

Hi! I’m looking for a similar solution.

The Code for the Navigation Widget can be found in /rxconfig/Widgets/percNavBar.xml and /rxconfig/Widgets/percNavBreadcrumbs.xml respectively. These will be overwritten on upgrade so you don’t want to modify these files, but the code can be used as a starter for a custom Navgation widget.

Thanks, Nate! This will be great!

You will also probably want to look at the #perc_processNavigationNode velocity macro.  Depending on the version of CM1, this can be found in sys_resources/vm/sys_assembly.vm or in sys_percNavigationWidget.vm.  If you create your own version of this macro you should place it in a new vm file under the rx_resources/vm directory.