I am trying to assign a page in workflow, but when I check the box next to the page nothing happens

There is a page I need a contributor to work on but it is in default workflow and not her assigned workflow. So I went into the Workflow menu, brought up the Assigned sites & folders window, and navigated to the page. There is a box to the left of the page I need to assign, but when I click on the box nothing happens.

Hi Doug,

Not a problem, this is a pretty common issue and the resolution is pretty quick and painless. As you can see the parentheses next to each section indicate which workflow the section is currently assigned to. In this case, all sections are currently assigned to the “Default Workflow”. Your contributor, since she is apparently in a different workflow, is unable to be assigned to a section that has been designated by another workflow, in this case, default. Since only one workflow can be assigned to one section this means you will need to deselect the default workflow from that section. Follow the screen caps below.

Once the workflow has been unassigned to the section, you will now be able to assign the contributor’s workflow to the section. Let me know if that makes sense or if this doesn’t help in anyway!



That worked. Thanks, Ben.

Not a problem! Thanks for posting!