I Want to Change One of My Banner Images

But I think it may be part of the CSS. I open the Index page in Layout and can see the links to the Shared Assets. There is no blue wrench, instead blue spray can. The region is locked which means, I’d have to edit the template. Really not comfortable touching this. Help?

Hi Heidi,
The pages that control the banner are located in the “banners” or “banner” folder in your finder. You won’t need to edit the template to manage the images. Each “slide” is actually a page within this folder. You can simply open a particular page and edit the image.

Got it. Thanks. When I hover over the image it reads Banner 5. How do I make it read the name of the Solution?

Hey Jon

I answered my own question. Disregard my last.


Great to hear. Glad I could help.

But of course I have another question… how do I change the max list length on the auto lists on my home page?

You can do that by clicking on the auto list widget under the “Layout” tab. A wrench should appear. If I remember correctly, those auto-lists reside on the template.