Ideas on Location scheme problem.


We are having trouble getting the path right on our images.

When we publish our path looks like


The Location scheme in Publish Context (generator=sys_JexlAssemblyLocation, Content Type=ERAU Image, Template Type=B-Image) is:
$sys.pub_path + ‘images/’+ $sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:img1_filename’).String

Any ideas on what we are missing?

In thinking about this more, location schemes are only involved with file naming.

Could this be related to a publishing variable issue?


It doesn’t look to me like this is a problem with Context Variables. It looks like like the $sys.pub_path system variable is not resolving correctly.

Does the pi-erau.jpg Content Item reside under the //Sites root or under the //Folders root? I’m not sure that the $sys.pub_path will resolve correctly under the //Folders root. That’s the first idea that strikes me looking at your problem.


We got this to work by adjusting both the location schemes for the publish and site folder assembly contexts.

Our publish location scheme will create folder called ‘images’ in each subfolder and place content images there.

Then the site folder assembly location scheme will prefix all images with image as in ‘image/imagename.gif’.

Here is our publish location scheme:‘images/’+ $sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:img1_filename’).String

And our site folder assembly location scheme: ‘images/’+ $sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:img1_filename’).String