IE11 Rendering Issues

Is anyone else having recent issues with their site rendering incorrectly in IE11? All the computers in our university library are showing the website’s styles all wonky, and we weren’t sure if this was a Internet Explorer 11 issue, a Percussion issue, or something else. The IT team is looking into IE causes, but I just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this in any way. 

Is it only IE that has the issue and no other browser? If so sounds like an IE issue. Could be a Compatibility View setting of IE. Especially if all the computers were imaged with the same image. 

Is it only IE11 that has the issue, yes. But it’s an issue that must’ve just happened recently, otherwise we would have heard about it beforehand. 

As far as compatibility settings, we’ve tried toggling that mode on and off, and both render the site incorrectly.

IE can also pick up the document mode from the HTML or from a header set by the Web Server.

Your Template can control this a bit via the DocType declaration that the Template uses, you probably want to make sure that you are using the HTML5 document type.  

IE also can “auto switch” to compatibility view modes when it detects that a site is in the “Intranet Zone”.  To override that behavior you can also set the X-UA-COMPATIBLE HTTP header on the web server.  I suspect that this is probably happening given that the affected clients are in your library.

The compatibility mode can also be picked up by an HTTP header set by the web server:

You will most likely want to set the header  X-UA-COMPATIBLE to IE=edge on the web server to solve this.

The flow charts in this Stack Overflow post show the logic that IE uses.


Great resources, Nate. Thanks so much.

Would any HTTP settings be changed in a template’s Meta-Data through Percussion, or is this strictly a server file setting? (We do have the template set to HTML5)

Hi Matthew,

You could add a tag to the additional head content, but the W3C validators don’t seem to like that, which can cause Accessibility reporting issues.  

Based on that I’d recommend that you set the header on the web server only.