Image Autolist Caption

We are running a monthly giveaway and want to publish a page with pictures of all the winners. It’s quite a few, the contest is running for 8 months, and most months have 60+ winners. I’d love to use an image autolist to display the pics, but I’m not sure if that’s the best option. We need to have the winner’s name display somewhere, so it looks like we will have to edit every asset and add a caption.

Is there a better way?

Hi Lisa,

While this isn’t a feature currently of the Image Auto-List Widget in CM1, I did find some JavaScript that might be useful to you!

The code there can just be pasted into the template or page and you just need to change the  ("#content img") to be the region ID that you have the Image Auto-List on and it will display your alt tag or the title tag of each image as it’s caption.

I also am going to submit this as a widget enhancement idea.