Images and auto list

We have staff and faculty images. Some departments want their staff displayed in their section also.
Is there a way to pull specific images from a general depository of all images?

Hey Lloyd,

Are you looking to have these images brought in or updated in some dynamic manner? From your description, I’m trying to understand why creating the images as standard shared assets that you manually link to through a Rich Text widget wouldn’t work. Sorry if I’m totally misunderstanding your question here!

Hi Lloyd,

You may want to check out the image auto-list widget. This widget can display a list of images that are contained within a folder in your asset library:


I have a college wide staff images folder. IT wants their own staff displayed in a page in their section. I know I can create an IT staff images folder for that. But, I’m trying to avoid having the same image stored in two places.
I would like to use the image auto list widget for ease of updating for others down the road.

Hi Lloyd,

If the existing links to your IT staff images folder are managed links created through the Rich Text widget (or an image widget), you can simply relocate them to a “IT Staff” sub-folder off of your main staff-wide images folder, and all existing links to these images will be updated.

That, or you can change the titles of these images to contain a prefix such as “IT Staff - Person’s name”, and then you could setup the image auto-list (through the content tab) to search for a “Title contains” of “IT Staff”.

Hi Nathaniel,

I’m going to play around with the suggestions and see what works best for us.

Thanks again for your support.