Images in RSS feed

I just want to verify that the CM1 RSS feed doesn’t have images. We would love to pull in the image in our blog post summary, and I wanted to make sure that it isn’t an issue on our end.

Hi Lisa,

The RSS feed widget does not include images.  Are you looking to pull the images into the RSS feed on your blog index page?

I noticed that your blog index page is currently generating the RSS feed.  The blog list can include images from your blog posts if you include a ‘read more’ link below the picture in your blog post.

Here is some more documentaiton on the RSS feed widget:

Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions.


Thanks, Chris. We are using the summary in meta-data for our blog list summaries and images. We were hoping the RSS feed would use the image in that meta-data summary area. We’re using our feed for some intranet and email stuff, and there is some disappointment that it doesn’t contain images.