Importing JSP page using LiveFirst

Is it possible to import pages that are .jsp ?



That is a great question… If the pages are static content then yes, you should be able to import these pages.

However if the jsp pages are dynamically rendering content, then you will notice that live first doesn’t function as well with these sort of pages. Since as LiveFirst crawls your site, it takes virtually a snapshot of the page, and pulls in all the HTML markup like it is a static page. Dynamically loaded objects, are converted into static markup.

If you do have a significant amount of dynamic content, most of our customers use live first to bring in their pages/templates, then add in their existing code back into the page using an HTML widget so they can continue to have that same functionality. If your goal is to completely move away from jsp rendered pages, we do have a several dynamic widgets, that you could use in place of it.