Improve "search queue is stuck again" gadget

Whenever we have a problem with " search queue is stuck again", we had to report to Percussion developers. To make it dead easy for both of us, why not including a button “Run Search Test”… this will probably open in a new window and show entire list. Can be download as .csv or .pdf or whatever and send it to Percussion developers so they can figure out what’s going on.

This will be easier for both of us and time saving. Just sayin’.

Don’t forget to check this too “Improve Process Monitor by showing how many users”, too!

I would love to have that feature lol

Aaron, what info have you gotten from developers when this happens?

I’m just curious, I have been clearing the queue, I don’t know if I should be doing something else?

Hi Aaron,

When the search index queue gets stuck it means that there is likely an issue with an item(s) in the queue. When you see this issue, can you confirm if the search index queue is listed as ‘paused’ or ‘running’?

We are still working on this through our support ticket and will continue to investigate internally.