In 5.3 - Can't hide Sites or Assets directory

In 5.3 version , each time I clicked “Sites” or “Assets” to hide or show the directories, it doesn’t work in 5.3 version anymore.

In pre 5.3 version , I was able to hide / show “Sites” or “Assets” directories.

Here is the screenshot I meant. This affected Link, Image, Page dialog window. Thank you.

Hello Aaron,

Just to confirm - in your screen shot are you clicking on “Sites” or on “sf”?  


In my screenshot - please ignore the green background. I can’t click “– Sites” (not +sf). Same thing to “– Assets”. 

Hope I make sense.

Hello Aaron,

You are correct - this worked previously.  We will look into this for more details.


Is it resolved in next version? If so, you can mark this as complete?

I thought it was resolved in Version 5.3.14 Build 201606R22 (0)? Please advise…

I think it’s resolved. You can make this as resolved :stuck_out_tongue: