Inconsistent UI message and behavior

If the users are non-admin and they double clicked the site name to edit the pages, it will bring up error dialog “You do not have permission to modify the properties of this site.”

Instead of showing that warning, why not just open the site, similar to clicking once on site name?

I understand this will prevent them from going to Navigation page but really, no need to bring up the error for non-admin tho. We get lots of calls for that and told them to single click instead


Hi Aaron,

That’s expected behavior but you do raise a good point. I’ll change this to an idea with the thinking being that we consider one of the following, or something similar:

  • Change the double click behavior for users that don’t have access to edit sites.
  • Allow double click, but gray out the workspace in Navigation, and show the error there, instead of in a pop up. That way, the users can continue working without getting a pop up.