Individually Publish HTML Widget Asset

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t have a publish option on an approved HTML Widget Asset (See attached image)…How do I publish it only? Right now it appears I’m going to have to do a full publish on the site to get it pushed out. I already tried just publishing a page that contained this shared HTML asset, but the asset itself was not published.


Hey Paul,

HTML assets, like Rich Text assets (for example), cannot be individually published in the way you would a File asset. These types of assets don’t exist anywhere on your web server as standalone components; instead they are assembled and embedded within one of your site’s pages when a page linking to the asset is published. Simply put, to publish an HTML asset, you must publish a page containing the asset.

If you would like to publish a standalone HTML block to your server (for whatever reason), you would have to save the code as a plain text file and upload it as a File asset.

I thought I had published a page that uses the HTML asset and the asset wasn’t updated but maybe I really didnt. I just tried it for sure and it did push out the updated html.