inline variant - linked or embedded

Hi all

i am playing around with the inline variant and am wondering whether it is embedded or linked to the original content item.

I have inserted a content item using inline variant. However, if i then update the content item, the content in the ephox inline variant is not updated.


ok i have now deleted the inline variants and reinserted them but it still seems to be inserting the first rather than the latest revision.

is anybody able to provide any clues as to why this happens please.



does anybody know if inline variant is linked or embedded by default. If it is embedded, is there a way to make it linked.


Inline variants are embedded, but they are updated every time the item is requested. Therefore, you should always see the current revision of the linked item. This may not be the tip revision if the item it points to is checked out, but it should never be more than 1 revision back.

I seem be having a probelm with this as well.

We are using Rx 5.7, is there something that needs to be set for this to happen.

I created two pages; page1 and page2. I inserted an inline variant of page1 into page2 then published both pages. Then I moved page1 to quick edit and updated the area that is used by the inline variant and republished the page. Page2 does not have the updated inline variant content in it.

Did you checkin page1 and transition it back to the public state? The published page will use the last public revision of the item, so if it’s still in quck edit, you won’t see your changes.

After making the changes to page1 I did republish page1 and the changes did not show up in page2 when I previewed it and when I republished page2.