"invalid credentials" error when trying to setup google analytics in the Dashbord gadget

I am positive the login credentials are correct. I still get the “invalid credentials” error when trying to setup google analytics in the Dashbord gadget. I’ve even tried signing in with other google analytics accounts to be sure.

I was able to sign in with a previous version of Percussion, but not in the current 3.3.4 or the previous version.

Hi John,

I have tested out my google analytics account on 3.2/our version of 3.3/ and your version of 3.3.4 and all of them were successful. I would like to confirm that everything is case sensitive and would like for you to try again. I had the same issue before I realized my issue was that my password was case sensitive. :slight_smile:

I copy and paste the same login credentials that work for my google analytics account with no luck. I don’t have the caps lock on…

Hi John,

I sent you an email regarding this. I will troubleshoot this for you offline. Please check your email.

John, thanks so much for sharing this solution!

John, that is some great detective work. You’ve earned a gold star from me!

Thanks guys! I’m just glad to be contributing to the community instead of just siphoning the resources.

I figured it out after checking my Google dashboard under security and saw that Google had blocked a new app/device due to potentially suspicious activity (the server had not logged in to that account previously)

How to Unlock Gmail for a New Email Program or Service

To allow a new email program that Gmail has blocked as suspicious access to your account:

Have the email program or service that has failed to access your Gmail account ready.
Visit the Allow a new application to access your account page at Google.
Log in to the desired Gmail account if prompted.
Click Continue.
Within 10 minutes, have the previously blocked email service or program check for new messages.

Gmail will remember the email client, device or service, of course, and allow it access to your account in the future (so long as it uses the correct user name and password for logging in).