iPad - Vertical menu disappears on scroll

I’m having trouble with a template on iPad. It renders correctly at first–vertical nav on the left, content, right sidebar. But when I scroll the page, the vertical nav disappears and everything shifts to the left. It happens in Safari and Chrome.

This is one of the live pages-- https://www.redfcu.org/checking-savings/checking-accounts/relationship-checking/

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting?

Edit: After more testing, it looks like it is not unique to the iPad, that the menu disappears on any window resize. I’m guessing scrolling on the iPad is considered a resize?

Hi Lisa,

I noticed that this doesn’t happen on other pages with a similar side navigation.  Is the page you provided above the only page with formatting for the iPad?  If there are other pages that seem to be working with this code, can you provide one of those pages?  


Hi Chris-

They are two separate templates. We have two templates with a 3 column look, but the left side nav is a little different. On the checking & savings pages, it is showing level 4. That template seems to be the only one that is losing the menu on resize.


If I disable JavaScript, the left nav stays where it should on resize. I haven’t figured out what is different between the two templates yet, why it works correctly on one but not the other. 

Hi Lisa,

Have you made changes to this page/template today?  I was looking at this this morning and this afternoon, however, it seems like it’s working now.  Let me know your thoughts!


I made a template change! I finally found a piece of Js before body close on the template that worked, that was missing on the other 3 col template. Adding that seemed to fix it.

Thanks for looking into it!