Is there a way to add addtional style code to regions from the page view?

Hi guys,

Ok so , I have a programs page template, that I am applying to all my programs. each program area has a different color associated with that particulare area.

I want to change the color of my h2s and the horizonal menu to match the color for the area, but all the rest I want to remain the same.

I was hoping that off the page view I could go to the style tab and apply addtional stlyes to my regions, but that is a no go.

I realise I can do this if I create separte templates for all of them, but I don’t really want to go there because then if something general needs to get changed to all the programs pages, I’ll have to make that change in 10 differnt program templates.

Any ideas how I can do it from the page view?

I am doing the h2s with an inline span tag in the source view, but even that is not great. If my users edit the content they chance loosing that inline style I have put in.

If I have to split out my templates more I will (or I will abandon my section styling ) I am just gettign a lot of sub templates allready and it is allready becoming an issue when a chnge needs to be made. Any ideas would be great, or please add this to my wishlist for the next release!

or have templates that could inherit master regions from one another with thier sub regions, that would be great too =)

Hi Sandy,

Why don’t you try the “Additional Code” areas within the page metadata? You can go to the “head” section of the page and drop an inline CSS rule that can change the color of your H2s.

In the head section add something like this:

<style> <br /><br /> #content h2 { <br /> color:#3C3C3C; <br /> } <br /> </style>