Is there a way to deal with IE 11 and compatibility settings?

I have had a few people off campus phone in and say they can’t see my website. Its a responsive site with cm1. What seems to happen is they are in IE 11 and compatability mode is turned on. Cm1 and responsive don’t seem to support below IE8 so the site breacks, buts what’s really bad is the same thing happens with IE 11 and its on all the new computers.

I’m trying a js file with ieUserAgent.compatibilityMode to at least pop up and later message. I’m not sure if this is working yet I have to publish it out first.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


With this question, we actually had some other users bring it up on the community.

I would suggest taking a look at this. I believe you are on the right path to getting it configured for different browsers. This topic above suggests the best practices around this.