Is there a way to extract a list of all ALT text to revise for consistent use of case and tense?

We had several contributors who helped build V1,0 of the site. Though we had a strategy on how to include ALT text with links and images, some of the guidelines were lost in the battle against time. We now would like to go back to the original unordered ALT text and make corrections. But first, we’d like to know if we can do this in a quick and easy manner - versus going in to every page.

Any ideas/suggestions, particularly those tried and true would be great. Thanks

Hi Diane,

I would recommend using this tool to do this:…

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you very much Alexis!

I would like to configure the app to show me only the ALT tags for links and images. I can’t seem to make that happen. Do you have a configuration you specifically set in the application that would help to filter on only these items?

Thanks so much -

Thank you for your help with this. Love this app.