Is there a way to manually sort the order of items in an Autolist?

The help site lists several sort options for regular and image Autolists.

However, in scenario where the they editor prefers to move images around for aesthetic reasons, is there a way for them to manually change this order? Or a scenario where the editor wants to rank items by relevance to the page (some form of the categories feature?) can they manually edit the order of items?

Currently, listed options on the help site are the only ways you can sort Image an Page Auto Lists out-of-the-box. If they really had to manually sort them, one approach would be to sort them by Title. Name the images in the order you want them to be displayed (1myimage.jpg, 2myimage.jpg etc.) and you will get the order you want.

This is however not an optimal way of doing this. If you needed to insert a new image in between existing two images, this will require you to go and rename them all.

In response to the categories bit, you can categorize items and have them listed in a results widget according to the category, but this filters the result list to only show the selected category and does not control the sort order. The sorting options on all lists are Title, Latest date, and Earliest date. A quick video of results sorting can be seen here….

As Kemal mentioned, though, there are no manual sort options at this time.

You can also sort Page Auto Lists by the page’s post date. In version 2.6 we added the ability to manually set the Post Date of a page, so that could provide a more fine grained control over ordering than using page title.

To set the post date, edit the page meta-data and in the Page Summary section, fill in the Post Date field. The page meta-data help reference can be found here:…

Page Auto List setting can be found here:…, and page meta-data settings

Kemal, that’s an interesting albeit tedious approach. One way avoiding having to rename them all when you inserted one in between would be to name them in multiples of 10 (10myimage.jpg, 20myimage.jpg etc.).
However, this approach does not work if I want a different (non oob) sort order on another page.

Your point is accurate, Sphurti. There is no method currently available in the product to support a manual sort order on pages such that you can have the same list of items sorted in completely different manual orders on multiple pages.

Currently the only sort methods supported are the ones documented on for the various list widgets.