Is there a widget that will play an audio file (mp3), or should I just add html audio tags to the source code of a rich text or html widget?


Great question, using HTML5, and embedding the audio tags through the HTML widget should accomplish this:…

From there, you could write some javascript (jQuery) to have it play on page load, or something to that effect.

Good luck with your site :slight_smile:

Thanks, I did use the HTML5 audio tag w/ jquery to control playback.

Should also add that I had to create mp3 assets to support IE/Chrome and ogg assets for firefox.


Good question… It is really up to you and how you anticipate on managing that kind of asset… If you think that you want to have versions of it (and consistently update it) then Perucssion might be a good place to put it. 

However if you don’t really see changing it very often (if at all) just throwing it out on your webserver would be fine, then just making the appropriate references in your HTML would also be fine. Just make sure you have a backup of it somewhere else, redundancy is always a good thing :slight_smile: