Issue with Navigation menu

STANDSTIL - I am at a standstill until I get my question answered. Can someone please answer.

I add a navigation menu to already existing navigation buttons and have deleted navigation. How long should it take to populate? I have published the site, yet it is not there.

Hi Inga,

If you publish a site and the changes you have made are not reflected on your live site you may want to check the status of the page you’ve made the changes to.
To do this simply click once on the page in your finder and the pages information will display in the column to the right of the page.

If the page status says “Live” or “pending” the page will publish, If It does not say “Live” or “pending” like on the image above the page CM1 will not publish the changes.

Also if you made changes to a shared on the page and that shared has not been approved, those changes will not reflect be published on the live page.

All of this is covered on our help site in the Workflow Overview section

Thank you for getting back to me. I called and talked with someone, I THINK that one call solved my navigation issues.