Linkback in 5.3

In 5.3 version , each time I clicked “Linkback” button to edit the page directly, it took me to login page first every time. Is this intentionally or not supposed to do that?

In pre 5.3 version , I was able to edit the page directly without logging in each time.

Please let me know. Thanks!

Hello Aaron,

You are correct - this did work once but now is not.

We will log this with our engineers for more details.


Is there an ETA on fixing this?  I’m having the same issue.  We created an admin link on in our website footer for editor convenience.  Now we have to log in each time we want to make an edit. We’re going through a website redesign currently so I’m a bit worried how this might slowdown content population of the new website.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

We updated to Version 5.3.14 Build 201606R22 (0) and noticed the linkback hadn’t been resolved? 


We are unable to reproduce this issue.  The Linkback feature should trigger authentication into CM1 unless you have an existing Login session established and that Session has not expired.  This is by design and is a Security requirement.  

Yes, you are required to Login if you do not have an active and open Login session to the product.   However if editing multiple Pages during a single login session you are not prompted to login each time.  

If you are seeing a change in behavior it is likely because we fixed a security bug in the 5.3 release. 


Hi Josh,

I don’t think this is actually a problem.  Please see my comment to Aaron below. 


It is still ongoing… each time I clicked Linkback, it goes to CM1 login screen first… maybe y’all can check out the server.log or something and see what’s going on?