Lost Admin Password

Our previous CMS developer left his position and did not provide us with his credentials, we have a need now to get an administrative account to manage the system, How can I resolve this issue?

Hi Faris,

Have you tried the default Admin credentials of user: Admin and password: demo? If that doesn’t work, and you don’t have the credentials for any admin user so that you can access the Workflow section of CM1 in order to reset your Admin user’s passwords, you will have to reset the Admin user’s password manually through your CM1 database.

Note for all customers: NEVER touch anything in your CM1 database without direct instructions from Percussion Software. Also, be sure to have a recent back-up before executing any SQL statements.

If you have CM1 connected to an external SQL database, log into that database using your preferred SQL management tool, find the CM1 database, and within that, find the USERLOGIN table. SELECT all rows from this table. You should see an output with various user names in one column, and encrypted passwords in another.

From here, execute this SQL command:

update USERLOGIN set PASSWORD=‘89e495e7941cf9e40e6980d14a16bf023ccd4c91’ where USERID=‘Admin’;

This should update one row, and at this point you should be able to log into CM1 using the credentials above.

If CM1 is using the embedded Derby database, then I can give you additional instructions offline as to how to access that database. Let me know if this is the case, or if you’ll need assistance ascertaining whether this is the case.