Main Index Page Reverts to 404 Error Page

I ran a publish today and the main page stopped displaying and went to the 404.html page.

What do I need to do to fix this?

Hi Debbie,

On a quick glance, I’m seeing that is throwing a 500 Server error, while resolves normally. You may want to verify that your server is setup to pick up “index” without an “.html” extension as the default root document.

Thank you - I’ll let the Server Administrator know.

This is now fixed - thank you for your advice.

When I came into work this morning - the main page was not found again and displaying the 404.html. Until the Server Admin could fix it, I forced the 404.html to emulate the main page.

The .ico also disappeared and the Linux cat is showing.

The Server Admin asks “Why the web.xml file keeps getting changes, and how to prevent it.”.

These things only happened after we did our upgrade to Version 3.1.6 up from 2.8.0.

Hi Debbie,

The web.xml file under {site_root}/WEB-INF gets written out from Percussion every time you run a full site publish. What change(s) exactly is your server admin making to this file?

I’m not sure what this means, he did not elaborate but said this: “Moving index to the top of the welcome page list”

Hi Debbie,

If you’re running in a pure Tomcat environment, you shouldn’t need to move “index” without an extension to the top of the welcome file list unless you have an index.swf, .jsp, .html, or .htm file that’s also present on your server’s root. However, it appears to me that you may be using Nginx as your front end web server, so I’m not sure if you have some type of proxy configuration going on that may affect how this is typically behaves.