Maintenance Login Message

We’ve just upgraded to Percussion 3.4 (from 3.3), and received the following message when attempting to log in:

“The system is currently undergoing maintenance.
Please wait. You will be logged in as soon as the system is available.”

We have not yet updated PercussionDTS, however (we’re not ready to shutdown our live site to do so). Is this why we are receiving this message or is maintenance simply a new part of this version of CM1?

Hi Matt,

Yes, changes were made to the installer and this message is normal while additional upgrade functions are occuring. Also, we re-released version 3.4 this morning so if you downloaded prior to this, you would to grab it here:…

I see. So we can simply wait it out, then, without having to take down our live site and upgrade PercussionDTS?

In general, is it a problem that we may not upgrade PercussionDTS until later on? Or is it always recommended that they both be upgraded simultaneously?

We downloaded about 11 a.m. so I believe we’re up to date.

It is recommended that you upgrade the DTS when you upgrade the CMS. I would definitely advocate that you do so before any publishing activities.