Major Issue: Override page problem

Too often users forget to click “CLOSE” button as soon as they’re done editing the page (for now, etc.), instead, they clicked “X” to close the browser window. This pose a problem for other user who is trying to access to the page but got denied with this message “This page ‘index’ is currently being edited by ‘JohnDoe’.”

Attached are two mockups hoping this will clear up the confusion…

The first one is for non-admin (of course Admin can override it) and if they’re in the same workflow, this message should be clear and understanding. When clicking “EDIT” to edit the page, this brings up the message (see my sample message). Clicking on that link will bring up email message with email subject include “Further Action is Required for ‘page-name’”. (something like that)

Secondly, and is probably the most important of all -  when users forget to click “CLOSE” button, how about bringing up the dialog box with clear message…

"You haven’t finished your page yet. Do you want to leave without finishing? 

By leaving this page, Percussion will automatically close this page so other users can edit."

This is an idea from - when I typed something and decided to close the page or refresh without hitting post button… this is how I got this message.

I agree. As an admin it is normally not a problem since we can override and we do not get a lot of calls about this issue but there have been a few.

Great idea for polishing the user experience Aaron.

Aaron, great idea!  I see that several others agree with you as well.  I will continue to monitor and track the votes!

Thanks Court! How many votes will it take to make this as a feature?

Thanks Scott. I agreed with you. That’s why I removed the office phone :wink:

Boy, I have this problem alllll the time. This would be yet another huge improvement.

Look at Aaron, hitting them outta the park!

Hi Aaron, We prioritize feature requests based on the gravity that they have for Customers, based on overall customer investment, production impact /use case frequency, and the overall number of requests for a given feature.  There is not a golden number of votes that are needed, just the overall at the time of planning.