Managed links in RTE

I’d like to be able to link to a PDF in the RTE and also have it managed. The create hyperlink looks in the Assets structure but it won’t link to a PDF. It gives me the location above the box, which when copied into the URL box, works. If the PDF is moved, all the links to it are now broken. I see this as a potentially large problem when the unknowing get their hands in the site.
Is there a solution to this that I am not seeing or have missed?
I am currently on Version 3.1.5.

Hey Lloyd!

Your inability to browse to and select PDF assets when creating links in the new RTE was a known bug in our first build of 3.1 (5). This was corrected in a patch; however, now that version 3.2 is out, I highly recommend upgrading to that, as this particular bug fix – as well as few others relating to the new RTE – have all been corrected in this release. Sorry about the trouble here!

Thank you Nathaniel,

I will upgrade tomorrow and update you with the good news [hopefully] afterwards.

does upgrading CM1 means just updating system files or it upgrades everything and erase all sites and configs? What are the risks of upgrading to the new system, are we going to lose any of our work?

Please advise

I have no good news. Still comes up with ‘Please select a page.’ I upgraded to 3.2.4. I’ve restarted the service a couple of times.

You may have portions of the old page selection UI cached in your browser. Please clear your browser’s full cache and try again.

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Upgrading Percussion CMS

Okay. Thanks for the dope slap. I’ll remember to do that one of these days.
Again, thanks for all your help.

No worries, Lloyd! We’re actively taking steps towards minimizing / eliminating the need to clear browser cache between versions, as you are not alone in making this mistake (we do it too)!