Membership - what table are the users stored in?

Hi All

In the database WebCM1, does anyone know what table stores the usernames/emails of people who have registered to access Secure Sections?

I’d recommend using the Membership Gadget to see or edit this info. Going into the actual database itself is not supported (and anyway, it would be very different for each type of database we support).

While we don’t currently have an “export members to excel” we do plan to add this. If you need to edit a member, you have actions there in the Gadget to do so.

Let us know what else you need.

(note: if you ever feel you *must* get at the dbms, then at least first make a backup or copy and then use your tools on that copy dbms. We’re not trying to be closed. We’ve just seen a lot of errors caused by natively modifying the dbms - all the CM1 logic to prevent errors resides in a “app” layer above the dbms.)

I’d, of course, backup the database prior to touching it (already did, in fact) and I’d, of course, not make any changes to it.

Because we are not able to get Secure Sections/Membership working on our live server (someone is working on it), we are trying to figure out a way to protect some pages outside of CM1 and yet not force them to log in a second time.

I’ve perused the tables and so far haven’t found any unique identifier for registered users. It has to be store somewhere …

Hi Laura,

We appreciate you being so proactive with your goal to enable secure sections, but to reiterate and expand on what Vern said, any interaction with the database outside of CM1 is unsupported, not only due to the many errors this can lead to, but also because these types of custom workarounds will negatively impact your ability to update your CM1 software in the future.

I know we have senior resources looking into a supportable solution to enable secure section on your IIS server, and they will get back to you soon regarding your options going forward with this.

Thank you for your understanding,