Memory utilization

CM1 winfows VM not releasing memory, shows fully utilized. Restart will fix, bt re-oocurs approx after 3 weeks. Would like someone to take a look before I resrart this time.

Hey Tom,

What version of Percussion are you guys currently running, and how many concurrent users do you typically have in the system on a given day? We have implemented a number of performance improvements in recent releases, so it may be the case that we won’t need this if you’ve already upgraded successfully, but if not, it would be useful for you to capture a Java heap dump before restarting the system so that we can take a closer look into this behavior if needed.

To create a JVM heap dump, first install the 64bit 1.6 Java JDK onto your CM1 application server. The JDK can be located here (be sure to select the jdk-6u13-windows-x64-p.exe file):…

Next, download PsExec from here:…

Once both tools are installed / unpacked, open up a Command Prompt as an admin and run “tasklist”. Find the java.exe process that is taking up the most memory and make note of the process ID (second column). Next, make note of the \bin and directory locations, and then run this command:

“\PsExec.exe” -s “\bin\jmap.exe” -dump:format=b,file=c:\PercHeapDump.bin

Where is replaced by the actual process ID of the java process, and and are replaced by their respective directories, e.g.:

“C:\PSTools\PsExec.exe” -s “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_13\bin\jmap.exe” -dump:format=b,file=c:\PercHeapDump.bin 2296

This will create a file called PercHeapDump.bin on your C drive. Note that “error code 0” indicates a successful operation. You can upload the head dump file to us using our Percussion Support Tools, located here:…

Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file to install the support files within your Percussion file tree, and then follow the steps for “Sending a Single File”.