Method to bulk-approve all content

I’ve been involved with numerous projects with some variation on the following scenario:

  1. Multiple contributors create content
  2. It doesn’t all get approved (either because the contributor doesn’t have access or doesn’t remember to do so)
  3. The CEO wants to approve the site but doesn’t want to click through CM1 to see everything.
  4. Editors must then use the Pages by Status Gadget to find all items in draft or pending states, open each one individually and then approve each one.

For cases like this where all content in the system is intended to be part of the newly published site, I would like to see some method (gadget, built-in function, or something else) where all pages can be approved for publishing.

I recognize that the use case for this does not come up very often in normal use of the product, but it could significantly reduce the time and effort involved when trying to implement / publish a site for the first time.

Let me know if I can clarify.

Would this be similar to or more like the idea of a Bulk Approval gadget?
See this link:

Yes it would Daved. I couldn’t find that topic when I created this one. Thanks for keeping it organized.