Missing / Deleted pages


We have 60 or so pages that have disappeared. We have a folder in CM1 that used to have 70 or so pages in it. This morning it only has 9 pages. I can’t imagine the pages were deleted, as I’m not so sure there is a way to select multiple pages for deletion.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I might track these pages down? I can see our auto list that links the pages up is still pointing to them on our live site, but they are just not in the backend of CM1.

This is the page auto list displaying all of the pages:

I have also spot checked searches for the pages in CM1 by title, but they are not coming up in results.

Hello Brian,

We will need to get more details about your site and CM1 environment. We will open a support ticket for this request and reach out to you for more information.



Hey Aaron,

Once the support ticket is close, we will follow up with a resolution on this post.