More separation between sites

HI ,

I would like to put in a request for a little more separation between sites. So I recently just purchased and additional site licence and set up a micro-site.

My situation is, I have the College site and then I have a community organization site which the College is a part of. As part of our involvement on the community group we have decided to host the site for them. This group contains members from outside my organization, so accessibility to content , assets etc… could potential become an issue. Thats why I set it up as a separate site. I wanted to use the same CMS system so that I don’t have to maintain a second system, and I have all the hosting etc… already configured.

I would like these things in a future release

  1. Ability to give admin access or designer level access to just that particular site, not all sites listed in my cm1 install.

I have users from outside my organization that I would like to give access to the navigation view so they can make edits to the navigation, text names , menus etc… but I don’t want them to have the ability to also edit my College site. As it stands now, I will have to only allow other members to have content contributing level access with workflows, so every time they want to make a nav change I’ll have to do it for them.

  1. To be able to assign certain asset folders to certain sites.

I don’t want the people working on my micro-site to be able to use assets in my Olds College site unless I set it up that way. I am worried about the potential of my CLC site users, using images and things from the Olds College site inappropriately. At the moment I have no way of stopping them from using those assets. I know I can limited them form changing assets and, uploading assets into those folders, by way of workflows, but they still currently have the ability to put those assets on their pages. This could potentially become a nightmare and really reduces the use of having separate sites. I kind of feel like I should have saved myself the extra $5000 for a separate licence and just built the site under my main one because there is so little separation between the sites. Although I guess having it a separate site still allows me to be able to separate the full site publishes from one another, which is important.

Now that being said let me contradict myself and say this… I do have some assets, like my third party share this, asset that I would like both sites to be able to use. I did some custom code work for this asset and I’d like to be able to maintain it in a central spot, so I don’t have to rebuild it for the CLC site. I also have other js files that I’d like to be able to share across both sites. So what I’m really looking for, is a setting that I can list what sites can access the asset, both on the individual asset level and on folder levels. I’d like the ability to assign both sites to a asset folder. That way I can choose what sites share access to it.

If they can still view the asset folder form the other site, but can’t expand it, or choose to embed anything from it, this would be fine. Ultimately if they can’t see the asset folder from the other site it would be best, but as a step one at least the ability to lock them out from using those assets is really needed.

  1. User separation view

So I will have users that will share roles that span across both sites. So for example my user Jane, will need to be able to edit both the Olds college site and the CLC site. So by way of assigning her multiple roles I still want to keep one user and let her edit both sites. This is the way it works now, and I’d like to see that maintained. No point in creating a user twice, one under each site.

But again if I can assign her somehow to both sites that would be great. I have 100 plus users right now, and it would be nice to be able to click “show me CLC users only” and see a list of users per site. Just would be nice for user management purposes. Also, I’d like to be able to give a site specific admin the ability to manage users within one site only.

For example, one of my users on my community CLC site might be say an IT guy from the town of Olds, or an IT guy form the School Division. It would be nice if they could have access to create and remove new users from the CLC site, but I don’t want them to be able to touch my Olds College users. Right now I will have to mange it all, or hand out admin access and be really trusting. I realize this is a unique situation where multiple organizations have a shared stake in one site. Just would be nice anyway.

Of all my requests Number 2 is my most concerning, then 1 and 3 is just the icing on the cake.

Thanks for listening


I agreed with #2 - this is the main problem. We have two sites - Foundation and College. Foundation is hosted on 3rd party server (not ours) and their storage space is limited. My concern is that when doing Full Site publish on Foundation, it also published all assets to that server. I am concerned this will run out of space and does not make sense to upgrade storage space.

Oh ya thats not cool at all. That also means full site publishes for my smaller site will take longer too. It takes about 1 hr for my OC site to publish out now its huge.

Hopefully this is something the percussion guys have planed for a release soon. Please , Please please =)

I also agree with #2. It makes no sense to publish all asset to both sites.

A little late on the reply to this one but I wanted to point out that you can restrict asset folders by site. This will prevent a page being published with an asset that is restricted although currently it won’t stop the user from trying to add it to the page. When you try to click Approve, you get an error message: “This page contains assets that are under another site. Before this page can be approved or published, the assets which are no longer appropriate must be removed.”

Some more details on this feature here:…

I’ll keep the Idea open for the other governance ideas though.

@peter - see my comment above.

Hi Aaron, that’s what I was referring to - can you not restrict the College assets so they don’t get published to the Foundation site? That should limit the amount of data that’s published.