More than 1 navigation for header, footer, sidebar, etc.

In WordPress, you have the ability to create more than one Menus (header nav, footer nav, sidebar nav, etc.)

It would be nice to have multi-navigation not only for header nav but for footer nav and sidebar nav. Example, in Navigation page in Percussion, should provide tabbed nav such as “header nav”, “footer nav”, “sidebar nav” and “add new nav”. Is this possible?

I’m not sure what you’re after here: you can add more than one navigation (or custom) widget to a page: is that what you are after?

Ah, that was a year ago. I have learned a lot since then. :wink:

Please do explain since you mentioned about custom widget for navigation? I assumed it’ll be hardcode links, say for the footer navigation (more links than the main navigation)?

Hi Aaron,

What you can do is actually use our navigation widget and just configure the max levels, root level and layout differently for your side nav versus your main nav.

As a custom/simple solution for the footer though, if you don’t want to use the rich text widget, what you can do is add a navigation class to each item in the navigation tree that you want to show in the footer and maybe call it “showFooter”. Then in your CSS you can say something like: #footer li:not(.showFooter) { display: none !important; }

That would hide anything from the footer area that doesn’t have the class “showFooter” from the footer navigation widget. It would still load the full navigation, but unless it has the “showFooter” class, it wouldn’t be visible.

More information on this method can be found here:…