Moving folders or pages from different department folder and different workflow issue

I can’t tell if this is a problem or idea… I’ll explain:

  • Jan Doe moved two pages from Admissions (and its workflow) to Financial Aids (and its workflow, too)
  • These two pages are still under “Admissions Workflow”, not under “Financial Aids Workflow”
  • People can’t edit because they are not authorized.
  • It is hassle to update the workflow manually…
    When moving pages or folder with pages inside from A to B, there should be a popup dialog asking "Do you want to update from “Admission Workflow” to “Financial Aids Workflow”? and show few buttons: “Yes please!” or “Goodness No!” or “Let me think about it - no please cancel this”

Something like that. Thank you.

Good Afternoon Aaron - we will take this into consideration.

Thank you.