Multiple Head/Title Tags in Source Code

One of the WCM Contributors pointed out that if you view the source code there is multiple head and title tags.

How can I fix this?

Hey Debbie!

I tried perusing through your site and the few templates I looked at, I couldn’t find the double head/title tag discrepancy. Could you send me the file path that this is occurring on? Also, how is it effecting the performance of the page?

When I look at the source code in Mozilla for almost any page, I see several doc types as well as headers/title areas.

It’s not causing any performance issues, it’s just that I am an old school by-hand coder that is used to having my coding follow a certain pattern.

Someone else noticed it and I thought I"d bring it here to see how it was happening.

Hi Debbie!

I see what you mean now! It appears that you have a region with the div id of searchform and within that you have an html widget that contains some google script. Here is the process to “clean” it.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for!