My main banner not showing on ipad or phone why?

Hi I’m build a responsive site, and I have published a few pages to my live sever for testing.

I just have an html widget with an image in it, it shows on my monitor even if I shrink the monitor the main banner continues to display, it just scales according to my css, but on ipad and on my Samsung Galxy, it shows up as just the file name, or a missing picture icon.


I am using the link generated by cm1 to link tothe picture asset.

Hi Sandy,

It is working for me the same way on my desktop as it is on my Droid.

It looks like you might of copied the image path from a managed path in a rich text widget and tried pasting it in the html widget. Is that correct? If so, than that is why it’s not working.

To create a managed link/image in the html widget look here on our help site.

This is exactly what I did!. I will take a look at the post you mentioned.


Your welcome,

Create a managed link in the html is simple

Create the link and insert perc-managed attribute, perc-managed=“true” , as shown below:

[Link text](/Sites/Sample/folder-name/page-name)```   
Once you save the HTML widget, the system will process the link and assign it an ID so that the next time you view the link it will display as follows:   

perc-linkid=“123”>Link text ```
Then as you move your pages around, the links will remain intact.


So I fixed up all my links like you said. I did a site publish just now and I’m trying to test it and lots of my banners are still not showing on the live server? They say status Live but they don’t show up. Any ideas? I’m doing my user testing tomorrow and this would be really helpful to get fixed asap =)…

Hey Sandy,

I see from your screenshot that the HTML asset is Live, but I don’t see whether or not the studentServicesBanner.jpg image asset that you’re linking to through the HTML asset has been approved and is Live as well. Can you double check that this asset has also been approved?

Hi , Ok so I check and no the banner.jpg was in draft mode. I’m new to publishing details so bear with me, I thought it you approved the page then all asets that where in that page were approved as well?

It looks like this is not the case anyway. Is there some group way through the dashboard that I can approval all image assets? Or everytime soemone uploads an image do I then have to go approve each one indvidually?

Hi Sandy,

When you approve a page it will not automatically approve any assets on it. You have to go into the asset folder and approve each individual asset.

I’ve posted a suggestion up for this same item to be able to mass approve or have items automatically approve.


Just to add a little more detail to this, image assets referenced through Rich Text widgets on the page level (not on the template level) will be approved when you approve the parent page. Image assets referenced through HTML widgets (even if you’re using managed links) will not, which is what you have in this case.

Ok thanks for that clarification, that makes a lot more sense. So with the new widget builder (we are using it to create a slider that my staff can edit), how will this relate to those images? I’m asumming it will be the same as an html widget?

With custom widgets, images added via Rich Text or Image fields should auto-approve in the same way that image assets added through plain Rich Text or Image widgets do. Let me know if you find that this is not the case.

Ok thanks I will test it out