My widget not working, want to go back to rich text image slider

When I first started working on the site I manage, there was a rich text slider that was in place. When the widget builder was released I built widgets (both the tutorial slider on the percussion site and one that I built using the flex slider) that worked as stand alone code however when I converted them into widgets and put them in the template, they did not work. So I wanted to go back to the rich text carousel for now until I can work out what is wrong with my widget. However, I do not know how the previous web manager built the rich text slider. Can this still be done?

you have to know that there is a page off of your root menu that is called index-copy. It is also live on your site and can be accessed through this URL

This is the solution I have outlined for you. Please follow to the letter!

Hope this helps!

According to percussion when I look at that page it is in draft mode and isn’t live. When I edit it the carousel is missing. So I can’t just replace the broken landing page at the moment because that page in its current state isn’t working.

Andrew, in that case you could pull the source code for the slider on the page Ben linked you to ( and drop it into an HTML widget (or the source code view in a Rich Text widget) where you want the slider to appear. You’ll want to inspect element on that slider and copy everything within the Div using the class “rxbodyfield”. For example:

Also, I think the working index copy had been named index-copy(4), or some such variant of that, not plain index-copy.

I just put that into index-copy-4. I have no idea why there are this many index copies to begin with but never the less. Now the index body is almost 2k pixels tall and I have no idea why.