nav:axis property

My problem is that axis is returning a value that doesn’t make sense to me. It should be PARENT and it’s returning NONE. So either my understanding of how axis is determined is wrong, or there is a bug.

I’m inclined to believe that my understanding of how axis is determined is wrong, but I would like to make sure before I architect major changes to our site folder hierarchy.

When I use the template rffSnCiNavBreadcrumbs to preview my navon (which is 5 levels deep in the navon hierarchy, but only 2 levels deep in the folder hierarchy) all that renders is the root landing page. This is because all descendants of the root are returning an axis value of NONE (even though I would expect one to return ANCESTOR so the tree could be continued to be parsed).

Given the fact that a fast forward template and my template are returning the same results I am assuming that my template is working properly. And if my template is working properly it must be my understanding of the how the value of axis is determined that is flawed.

This is why I wanted to know what determines the value of nav:axis - folder hierarchy or navon slot structure?

Attached are 2 files, my velocity template, and the previewed HTML showing the axis values at each level of the tree.

Hi Tim

I’ve seen this before and I ended up creating the navons again. You could try removing the below navons from the their parent’s nav_submenu slot and re-inserting them to create the relationship again

NONE Explore Places and Topics
NONE Find Your State


I wasn’t able to get the axis to return properly by deleting the navons and recreating them. But that approach got me thinking.

I ended up creating a folder States in the place that I wanted it to show up in the navon heirachy. I deleted the navon in the (old) States folder, then moved the (new) States navon into the (old) States folder.

This approach worked out, but just seems like a bug.

The nav hierarchy is defined by the nav submenu, not the folder hierarchy. However, by default, the nav hierarchy matches the folder hierarchy since navons are added to folders as they are created. Over time, user intervention breaks this direct correlation and the 2 hierarchies start to diverge. (But in general, I think they still remain similar.)

The structure you define does not sound typical (5 nav levels between 2 navs that are only separated by 2 levels of folders) and could only be generated manually. I am curious about the use-case that requires this structure.

The axis is calculated based on the current item being assembled. The navon in the same folder as the current item (or if there is not a navon in that folder, the first navon found walking up the folder hierarchy) becomes the ‘SELF’ axis. All other navons take on one of 5 possible values. The direct parent is ‘PARENT.’ All other ancestors are ‘ANCESTOR.’ All children, grand-children and so-on are ‘DESCENDENT’. All navons with the same parent are ‘SIBLING’ and all other navons are ‘NONE.’