New page not displaying navigation widget

Created new page using existing template, level-3, and navigation does not show on page. All pages using this template, and all level 3 templates, display properly. Changing to level-2 and level-4 displays a navigation. Home page, parent page and this new page are all published live as well as having done a couple of full publishes.

Hi Lloyd,

Can you point us to a copy of the page? I am also wondering if you can inspect the source code of the page to see if the navigation entries are present there. Is it possible there is some JavaScript, for example, that is hiding the navigation?


Hi Chris,

The source code shows no navigation being pulled. And I don’t see any new JavaScript added. 


Thanks, can you also send another page that uses the level-3 template that is showing the proper navigation?

Also, is the navigation showing in Preview mode in CM1?

And, does not show in Preview.

Is the template you are using for this page a unique copy of the original? 

No. I have 173 pages, including this one, tied to the same template. I’ve checked at least a dozen randomly with no other pages having the same issue.

From what I can see, is a level 1 page, and the example you sent, is a level 3 page.  
1st off, did you set up that “supersaturday” page in the Navigation flow?  2nd, did you assign the navigation widget to level 1?

NOTE: Actually, it appears that the page in question needs to be in a level-2 folder, as it appears it is presently in a level 1 spot.

My mistake on the link. That’s the short URL. The actual page is, which is the same level as the registrar page. Page was created in Navigation.

Hi Lloyd,

I will bring this post over to our support portal as it will likely be easier to setup a screen share to view the issue. You will hear from us shortly.


Thank you.

This was resolved yesterday through a support ticket. The ‘Set the primary node for your navigation:’ field on the Navigation widget’s property will start traversing the navigation tree at the level defined. We needed to switch the template to a level-2 template to grab the expected data.