New to Percussion, Tomcat, etc

I’m not at all familiar with CM1 or any of the underlying software that makes it work, but my organization has asked me to set up CM1 and staging server. Is it possible to get some assistance in setting this up?


Have you gone through the installation guide on our help site?

I would start there and let us know if you run into any specific issues.

I’ve gone through the install guide. I believe the software is properly installed. I think at this point we just need assistance in setting up staging server and also what to do about a production server. I’m only familiar with IIS so any of the instructions that refer to Tomcat are completely foreign. Gotta love it when your company decides on a new product with absolutely zero input from the people that actually have to manage it!

I was told to follow this guide for setting up staging and publishing/production.

Hi Steve,

Are you able to see the CM1 user interface on your CM1 machine at localhost:9992 and the default Tomcat screen at localhost:9980? If so, in order to configure the staging server you’ll just have to publish your site in CM1 locally and refer to the steps in this topic:

I am going to create an internal support ticket for us to take this offline and answer any additional questions you may have. Through that ticket we can absolutely set up a time to for a web meeting so I can guide you through the configuration steps, if that would be helpful.

Please check your inbox momentarily for the support ticket notification.


All outstanding questions were addressed through the support ticket. Most of the questions pertinent to other customers should be addressed through the Community topic linked above.