Notify me via email when publish is completed

I think it will be super awesome if CM1 notify me via email that the full or increment publish is completed… or show failure as well.

In the email, I’d like to show:

  • show status (example: “Published SUCCESS!” or “Increment Publish SUCCESS!” in GREEN text or “UH OH IT FAILED!” in RED text)
  • site name
  • date (example: 08/31/16)
  • job id (example: #0566)
  • published (example of how many files total: 5,040)
  • removed (example of how many removed: 0)
  • elapsed time (example: 00:31:51 s)
    So I can keep record of it. Maybe perhaps attach static html (that display entire publishing log of that session) for record so I can easily fwd to percussion for issues, etc.

I’d love to do mockup but you get what I mean, I hope… I might do mockup if I have time.

Good Afternoon Aaron - Percussion has this as a featured request in our backlog - CMS-1603. Thank you as always for your input.

Thanks Brendan!

Any progress on this?