Obfuscation of Primary Keys / Cloning Objects En Masse

We expect to have around 350 sites. Even using the built-in functions via the browser UI for the publishing tab, Workbench, and Server Admin tool that allow you to copy objects, rename, change attributes can be monotonous and time consuming when you have to do it over and over and over (321 more times).

I’d like to write either a PL/SQL procedure that could clone an existing site and all of it’s goodies like action menus or use the Rhythmyx API.

Unfortunately, there’s a few primary keys in the tables that are clearly obfuscated. Namely, the PARAM_ID from tables PSX_CONTENTLIST_EXPANDER_PARAM and PSX_CONTENTLIST_GEN_PARAM. Also, there’s the fun of the three tables: PSX_ACLS, PSX_ACLENTRIES, and PSX_ACLENTRYPERMISSIONS.

So has anyone done something like this before?