Outdated JQuery

We have scripts that require the latest version of JQuery. However, our HTML output automatically serves up version 1.5.

Is there a way to link our site with the latest version of JQuery?

You can use jQuery.noConflict() to relinquish the “$” variable from jQuery and include a newer version right after. That should prevent conflicts with the the versions being included.

We also updated the shipping jQuery to version 1.7.2 in our last engineering sprint. This will be the default for CM1 in the next point release that we ship.


While, yes, one can use the jQuery.noConflict() option, it still seems 2 jQuery libraries are going to get loaded.

If my page only requires the latest version (thus not needing percussion’s older jQuery libraries), I don’t want it to load an older version. Doing so adds to the load time, which is inefficient.

is there not an option to turn on to get CM1 to NOT load its own jQuery libraries?

My understanding is that certain elements built into CM1 (some widgets, for example) rely on the embedded jQuery library, and therefore any method of disabling it is unsupported.

hrmm, but it’s highly possible such elements will work with my latest version of jQuery instead of the older version, thus making the older version unnecessary…at least some type of advanced option for this ability would be nice.

You’re probably right. The issue is a matter of supportability and upgradeability. Depending on what updates and we make to the built-in features which use the jQuery library, allowing customers to deactivate the embedded jQuery could lead to problems upgrading their software in the future, etc. Of course, a flexible option built directly into the CM1 UI to do this might not be a bad “Idea” to post on the Community here, to see if it might have wider support from our user base. As it is, 2.8 is expected to be released near the end of this month, which as you know has jQuery 1.7.2 built into it.

Thanks for the reply.

Having the ability to update the header that CM1 generates would be a huge help.

This might not be an ‘official’ solution and/or be frowned upon by their engineering team, but I went through it for our site and haven’t seen any negative results (you of course should thoroughly test and back everything up).

Within your CM1 install, there is a file at /web_resources/cm/jslib/jquery.js. That is where CM1 stores jQuery… I backed up the existing copy to jquery-142.js, and created a new file called jquery.js containing jQuery 1.5, which is what all the front end code for our site uses. Keep in mind that subsequent software updates will replace your jQuery copy with the current ‘official’ one. If you try replacing the file only on the web server, it will be overwritten during the next publish.

jQuery is usually pretty good about backwards compatibility, but I would worry if they eventually ship 1.7 with the product and you hack in 1.5 after the fact because that’s what your site uses.

While I appreciate the desire to find a workaround, I would strongly recommend against doing something such as switching out our javascript files. this is not something that is tested, and it makes it nearly impossible for us to diagnose any problems you might encounter since we don’t know the impact of making this change. As was mentioned earlier in the thread, in our 2.8 release coming this week, we upgraded to jQuery 1.7.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.21. I would strongly recommend moving to the latest release rather than worry about manually managing javascript files.

While it’s nice that you’ve updated the version of jQuery, not everyone has the flexibility to upgrade software very quickly. Your clients are going to have myriad internal processes in place to support infrastructure upgrades, which may or may not make upgrading CM1 to 2.8 feasible. We’re still trying to get all of the necessary approvals and QA tests complete for upgrading to 2.7.

What Percussion needs to provide is a configuration option to override the version of jQuery that is used with a custom version. In the meantime, any CM1 upgrades should detect that the jQuery version is not the one that was shipped with a previous release and swap it out during the upgrade process.

We seen mixed (generally unreliable) results trying to have multiple versions of jQuery active for a site or page at the same time. There are techniques but none of them stand up to our testing yet. The widgets and even core product UI of any given version of CM1 depend on a version of jQuery. So it’s a catch-22. If we make it easy to override, then if it/while it works you’re now on a custom environment and even if we auto-detect on upgrade, it means we switched something on you that YOU have to test, meaning more reason to delay doing an upgrade, which means you can’t get the latest version of things and down the spiral we go.

It’s not a religious thing but really us all facing the reality of web rate-of-change together. Our top priority is to make it so that upgrades are seamless and automatic because in the longer term, that’s the only way any of us will keep up. Google Chrome and FF are harbingers of how this all works from here on out.

Still, we’re looking at this issue closely. There are middle ground areas we can improve for sure. I just wanted to add a bit of the bigger picture.

Where does one get up to date news on release dates for next versions? i.e. in this thread you guys have noted that 2.8 release would be “coming this week” which was last week, however, it’s come and gone and I haven’t seen 2.8 released. Sorry, not trying to call you out on this, just wondering if there’s a central page I can easily go to see changes in release dates.


My apologies for the incorrect dates. We are in the final phase of launching 2.8. The customer announcement is expected in the next week. We do not have a centralized calendar where we post expected release dates, but we can consider that for the future.

You can also expect an Update posted to the community here. We have an update banner that shows on the top of the community and also have a latest Update announcement in the right bar on the home of the community landing page.

And for one last community based area, you can check the Recent Updates list here:

thanks for the replies. Daved, I’ll save that last link you gave and use it as a go-to for release updates. Thanks.

Do we need to install 2.7 release first before going to 2.8 or can you skip releases?

That depends on what version of CM1 you are currently on. As outlined in this help document, upgrade installations are tested and supported for up to two versions prior to the release you would like to install: http://help.percussion.com/admin-topi…

If you are on CM1 2.6, then yes, you can upgrade directly to 2.8. For any versions prior to that, you will have to refer to the supported upgrade path explained in that help document.

How are you guys going to handle the changes that jQuery has brought with their jQuery 2.0 release (dropping support of IE 6/7/8)? Will Percussion eventually upgrade to include jQuery 2.0 or will you guys be remaining on 1.X and using the migrate plugin? Is there any time table associated with how you will roll-out newer versions of jQuery within the CM1 CMS going forward?

More information here: http://blog.jquery.com/2013/01/15/jqu…