Outdated JQuery

I am working on adding tabs to a page and when inspect using Firefox, I’m seeing the coding pointing to Jquery files in the system - in the Design folder.

How can I get it to stop doing this?

I see the information above, but I’m not sure where I would perform this task.

Hello Debbie,

Percussion ships with a version of jQuery and is required.

If you need to use a newer version of jQuery, you can use jQuery.noConflict() to use multiple verions.

If this information does not help please let us know more about what you are trying to do.


Where specifically do I use the “jQuery.noConflict()”

Hello Debbie,

This page has more details on how to use jQuery.noConflict()


If this information is not helpful you might want to contact Support directly at technical_support@percussion.com - if we can get more detail on exactly what you are trying to do and how you are implementing jQuery UI, we might be able to help with specific workarounds.

Thank you - this was what I needed. Going to copy it into OneNote so I have it for future reference. :slight_smile:

It might also be useful if we could select our jQuery version in the admin panel somewhere.  I’m getting an error currently that getPreventDefault() has been depreciated and to use defaultPrevented but I can’t since Percussion is loading an older library.

We’re trying to use noConflict to resolve the problem getting to the layout tab from the content tab caused by additional reference to jquery mentioned here. But it doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone have any workarounds for this. We need to the latest version of jquery to use the latest foundation version. Thanks in advance!


When you put jQuery in no conflict mode you had to set a new call for jQuery.  Did you update foundation to use that new call?

When is CM1 going to upgrade from outdated 1.7 to the latest version? I had to use two jQuery - one for CM1 and one for Accessible Menu (v1.10.2 using no conflict script). I’d hate when two scripts loaded since both are big files…

Hey Matt, I tried
var jq = jQuery.noConflict 

Aaron, how and where did you write out your noConflict method. I’m trying to do something similar. Thanks!

Use Google Chrome and copy this “view-source:http://www.sfcollege.edu/” and you find “noconflict” and you’ll see my codes in there. Hope this helps.

Got it. I’ll try this. Thanks!!

Resolved the issue. In case anyone else runs into the issue I had. I needed to reset the globally scoped variables to the first loaded jquery. Just needed to add “true”.

code end up being:

var jq = jQuery.noConflict(true):

Thanks  for the assists Matt and Aaron!!