Page Auto List is useless with multiple websites

Maybe this is only affecting me because we publish multiple websites with CM1. If you are only publishing 1 website then this will probably not affect you.

Why are the links that get generated by the Page Auto List widget “relative”? CM1 gives us the ability to create multiple websites - this is awesome. The page Auto List widget allows us to choose to generate lists of pages from different sites - this is also awesome, but the links are “relative” - this is useless.

Please give us the ability to turn on “absolute” links in the Page Auto List widget or just turn off the ability to choose pages from other Sites altogether.

While I’m on the topic, please add the ability to filter the pages generated by the Page Auto List widget by Category and Tags, not just template. I know it’s possible because you can write a custom page auto list widget that does exactly that. Only problem is that they are flaky, don’t preview well and sometimes I have problems using more than 1 on a page at the same time.

I have spent too many hours trying to write custom widgets or learn the API and debugging javascript when this is just how the Page Auto List widget “should” function by default.


I am converting this item to be an “idea” because we would need to enhance the product to support this requirement. I agree that the design of page auto-lists did not take into consideration cross-site lists. 

Regarding page auto-list by category and tags, that is an idea that has been logged by others, but would recommend adding your vote to that item
 This has gotten a fair number of votes and we are looking at it for a future release. 

Thank you for the reply Dan.

I believe I have a getsatisfaction account (it tells me I successfully logged in) but the link doesn’t take me anywhere, it just asks me to log in again. (using Chrome)

Apologies. I gave you the link to the Administrative interface. This link should work:

Here we are at version 4.2 and the Page Auto List widget still generates “relative” links.

In the meantime, there is a work-around.  View the published page with the Auto List Widget setup the way you have it, view source, copy the source of the auto list section of code, and then paste it into an empty HTML widget.  Manually re-write the relative URL to the one that you need.  Let me know if this works.

That is a great idea Daniel! I have over 20+ Page Autolist Widgets in one page and the performance is such a drag… I’ll use your approach. Good thinking!