page auto-list

I have a page auto-list pulling from a folder. The problem is that the index page is in that folder and displaying, and people don’t like that. Is there a way of hiding that one link from the list?

The fastest solution is to remove the index page from the folder, or, simply create a new folder and drag all of the pages desired for the auto-list into that new folder and update the path in the auto-list widget. 

A more work intensive solution is to leave it, and use criteria, such as “Content Publish date” and then modify the index page meta data publish to be before or after the date you set.  I.e.

_Content Publish Date - _When using the Content Publish Date, in order for a page to appear in the autolist results users can edit a page’s meta-data and set the Override Content Post Date field to a date in the future.

Source: Page Auto List Widget

I really hoped first solution would work, but no. I created a folder in the editor and it won’t let me drag anything into it. It highlights everything in the list between drag points. If I create something in Navigation, it’s going to have an index page and I still have the same problem.
I don’t know if this is related, but I have been having troubles with the editor. I’ll post that next to keep separate.